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08 August 2012 @ 01:02 am
Myojo 2011 April  

Hello!!! : ))

Happy EITO DAY~~~!!!!
This year Eito day is even more awesome than ever before! It’s the Eight day of the Eight month of Eight’s Eight anniversary! 8DD;;;;;; Seriously, that’s just amazing \:D/
Although all the events are making me sad :C All fans in Japan must be squeeling with joy right now and all I can do is sit at the PC and watch their old shows T_______T
Whyyy am I not Japanese? D: All those lucky bastards~~ I’d do anything for all of these events to be released on DVD ~(>O<)~
I try not to think about it and just enjoy, but it’s pretty hard, you know? D:

Anyways, let’s really not think about the sad part of the anniversary and move onto the celebration~~!! My kind of celebration~! :D
This is the very very irst interview I translated EVER. It’s a weird thing that it’s the longest one, though xD
But the fact that it’s the first means that it’s over a year old. And that means, that my Japanese and English were a lot more lousier than now. I didn’t upload it sooner, cause I doubted the translation’s accuracy, but was too lazy to look through it all. But I finally did. : D
Of course, I checked the translation and corrected the wrong places, but the grammar……… the grammar!!! Ugh. It’s a lot easier to write it from sratch now than to correct every sentence. But.. That’s way too much work D: I just checked it and corrected some places that were a mess.
I hope it’s still understandable, and if it isn’t, please ask! I’ll re-phrase it : ))

Enjoy! My very first and longest work yet!! 8DDD

Myojo 2011 April

That’s how it was! Things you can learn about Kanjani8

History | Work | Private . . . Questions to Eito, which they’ll explain.
There is a boom of TV programs explaining complicated events from all around the world in a simple manner. But it’s Kanajni8 who knows the most about their own band! Unexpected truths, private time, work reports and such, we’ll tell you lots~

Q: What are the most essential events in Kanjani8’s history?

Shibutani Subaru

Big event: When we, who have only been seen as Kansai Juniors at most, have been told by the president “it’s about time we decided a band name for you”. We’ve asked for “a cool name” and become Kanjani8, such an obvious name (laughs).

Medium event: The first concert in Tokyo as Kanjani8 was an impact to us! We could only act and joke in Osaka spirit so doing the same talks in Tokyo, telling the poop jokes which were approved at Osaka, was a sure failure. No one from the audience laughed.

Small event: We get a proper holiday for New Year’s and members don’t meet during that time. After 3 weeks we all finally meet up but it’s somehow embarrassing. It’s awkward or how’d you say… it takes about an hour to get used to each other again.

Nishikido Ryo

Big event: Wouldn’t that be our CD debut after all? Rather than that, the fact that we got to know about it from the sports newspaper Subaru-kun had, was a bigger shock. I was amazed “such things really do happen”.

Medium event: That Maru was in a play called “Gilbert Grape”. But it’s not because it happened recently. At first I watched the movie and then it became a play and the fact that a guy from my band stared in it made me happy.

Small event:  Since Maru’s play’s talk came out, I’ll go with Yasu’s play “Kagotsurube”. I went to the theatre and even though there was nothing to make one cry in the play, I cried. Yasu’s figure on the stage looked so cool, I was so happy I cried.

Maruyama Ryuhei

Big event: The biggest event was when Kanjani8 debuted country wide, wasn’t it? We even had a hand shaking event at that time. Everyone lining up in the summer heat made me really happy. My fighting spirit was rising more and more.

Medium event: Kansai limited CD release. Not to mention that it was enka! At the time I thought it was for some project. Despite it being limited we were pulled up by Kansai fans and even managed to get into Oricon!

Small event: The fact that before our debut as Kanjani8, our member Ryo-chan was called in to debut with News. Honestly I was worried about Kanjani8 future, I think it was a quite an important event.

Yasuda Shota

Big event: During the “Dream boys” time when we were at the boarding house someone ate Yokocho’s yogurt which was left in the fridge to cool down even though it had his name on. Moreover, the criminal was never found. I think it’s a big unsolved mystery in history.

Medium event: Several years ago, when all members were traveling by car during a TV program location shoot, the car started moving while it was stood still. Someone from the members pulled the side break fast making the car stop, but I really freaked out at the time!

Small event: At the time we were doing the 47 prefecture tour I ended up kissing Shibuyan. It crossed over the limits of skinship. Even though it was the end of a concert when my tension was really high, it’s still a ‘no’~ but I think I’ll end up doing it again. Such a man I am.

Ohkura Tadayoshi

Big event: Our debut, of course. I found out about it when I saw 3 people from the higher ups commenting about our CD getting sold while I was doing some work. When I saw the CD’s lined up in front of the shop I was over flown with happiness and motivation.

Medium event: During the 47 prefecture tour the members’ unity got stronger and made me gain confidence too. The fact that there were people waiting for us throughout the country made me really happy. Although when during the tour we weren’t on TV much, my friends thought that I wasn’t doing anything (laughs).

Small event: I get the feeling that every time I act in plays I bring trouble. Like in “Takizawa Enbujou” or “Endless Shock” etc. So now I’ve started worrying “will I bring bad luck here as well?” But I feel that I get involved in them less and less.

Murakami Shingo

Big event: That’s of course the 47 prefecture tour. It was something that no one was able to do until we finally did it. It was an honor. Isn’t it a huge event not only in the history of Kanjani8 but also in the history of idols?

Medium event: We did a countdown live in Kyosera Dome two years in a row. After thinking “Couldn’t be that we…” the first time we did it the 2nd as well. Although the truth is that we felt really weird from the beginning to the end.

Small event: From 3~4 years ago on the last day of the year Maru would enter the dressing room with women underwear; he started doing such a surprise! You can’t get enough of the underwear that make you want to ask “where did you buy this?” Although now it’s just something that reminds of the season.

Yokoyama Yu

Big event: “Let’s do something ranger-ish?” I suggested and we started doing ∞Ranger cont at concerts. We’ve been doing this for so long that some people don’t even know that for some time both me and Ohkura were green rangers.

Medium event: At old days I had an image that “Tokyo = away”, so the first time we had a concert at Tokyo Kokuritsu forum, to tell the truth, I was afraid… but thanks to that I realised that there are people supporting us in Tokyo as well.

Small event: Speaking of a personal event, maybe the fact that I started using a stage name. Even when I received shoes with my name on them from my brother, “YOU” was written on them. When I asked “Why with the stage name?”, he answered “because your real has no impact.” Even though he’s a relative!

Q: please tell us your one day time schedule.

Ohkura Tadayoshi’s calm day

09:00 – wake up, go to convenience store to buy the newspaper and breakfast (bread, juice, yoghurt)

10:00 – reading

12:00 – going to the beauty parlor

15:00 – lunch at a standing soba shop

19:00 – dinner with friends

02:00 – time slot in the most pleasant mood

03:00 – sleeping drunk

05:00 – returning home

Yokoyama Yu’s gaming day

13:00 – getting out of bed and eating breakfast slowly

15:00 – going shopping

21:00 – gathering with gaming friends at a family restaurant! Doing nothing but gaming

03:00 – gaming ends

03:10 – returning home

03:30 – playing games for ~1h while taking a bath.

05:00 – going to bed.

Maruyama Ryuhei’s valuable day

10:00 – getting out of bed, after brushing teeth, do nothing important while watching morning news on TV

12:00 – eating lunch at a restaurant or soba shop in the neighborhood. (Mackerel meal or else)

13:00 – relaxing plenty at a massage parlor for 2 hours

15:00 – on the way shopping calling to get a dinner reservation in a restaurant

19:00 – dinner (yakiniku)

21:00 – doing chores after getting home

22:00 – bath

23:00 – going to sleep (If I have work the next morning)

Murakami Shingo’s luxurious day of footsall and TV

09:00 – getting out of bed. Since I’ll be exercising today, I have a jelly drink. (if there is none - rice, fish, miso soup, fried eggs and such)

10:00 – footsall with friends

12:00 – lunch & chatting with friends at a trendy café 

15:00 – going home, taking a shower, changing clothes, watching recorded TV shows (shows that I appear in, football matches), DVD (movies etc.)

22:00 – yakiniku with friends

24:00 – returning home, changing clothes and going to sleep. (Sleep properly. I’m happy if I can sleep for 8 hours)

Shibutani Subaru’s laid-back day

11:00 – getting out of bed

11:10 – breakfast at a coffee shop I frequent (Omurice or daily special meal)

11:50 – go home to take a shower

12:50 – going out

13:00 – meeting with friends and going shopping

18:00 – massage

20:00 – dinner with friends

22:30 – after getting home, watching TV while filling the bath

23:00 – bathing

23:30 – laid-back time

02:00 – going to bed (there are times I play games until morning)

Nishikido Ryo’s day when giving an interview to a magazine

14:00 – getting out of bed, going to the studio with my manager

15:00 – magazine interview (eating chahan)

17:00 – magazine interview

 18:30 - magazine interview

20:30 - magazine interview (Finishing earlier than planned)

22:00 – getting home, taking a shower and going out

23:00 – eating late dinner (curry), after that meeting with friends

03:00 – going to sleep

Yasuda Shota’s diving day

10:00 – getting out of bed, getting the island’s lodging’s chef to make breakfast (rice, miso soup, omelette etc., things with eggs)

11:00 – diving (once)

14:00 – lunch (tempura soba)

15:00 – diving (once) 

17:00 – having a break. Laid-back while listening to the waves, going out to town, playing guitar – doing things I come up with

19:00 – diving (once)

21:00 – having dinner with friends while talking (sashimi, spiny lobster, pizza etc., Italian seafood as main), as long as the feast continues - continues the night

Q: What do members think of each other?

OO member best 3!

Murakami Shingo chooses 3 members he’d like to see becoming the prime minister:

  1. Maruyama Ryuhei
  2. Yasuda Shota
  3. Nishikido Ryo

The reason I chose Ryo for the 3rd place was because he has extensive knowledge of miscellaneous things. Once Yasu decides to do something he has the strength to do it until the very end. I thought maybe he would make the world a lot greener, so he’s 2nd. Maru is in the 1st place because he couldn’t be left with responsibility of things; that would make people around him work harder and maybe make Japan more united one day. Maru has the power to move people!

Shibutani Subaru chooses 3 members who he thinks will live the longest.

  1. Yasuda Shota
  2. Murakami Shingo
  3. Everyone besides Nishikido

Yasu will really live long. It’s not like he’s taking care of his body, but I’ve never seen him catching a cold. He looks like he has force of life! 2nd is Murakami. It’s not that he would live long, it just doesn’t look like he would ever die (laughs). I wonder who is 3rd. The rest are all similar… but the one I’m the most worried about is Ryo. He only eats what he likes and his eating habits are a mess.

Maruyama Ryuhei chooses 3 members who he believes has the most clothes.

  1. Shibutani Subaru
  2. Yasuda Shota
  3. Ohkura Tadayoshi

Shibuyan really likes the old clothing shops, right? When I asked him about it, he said he had a room exclusively for old clothes where he sorts them it seems. It means there is as much as a room full of them! Since Sho-chan has a great variety of clothes it looks like would have a lot of them, that’s why he’s 2nd. Tacchon said he has 12 flannel shirts alone, so I predicted that he may have as much of other kinds of clothes too.

Ohkura Tadayoshi chooses best 3 members who sleep the best.

  1. Yasuda Shota
  2. Murakami Shingo
  3. Maruyama Ryuhei

After saying “I’m getting sleepy~” Yasu is already sleeping the next second. And not just dozing off, he crashes out. Murakami-kun always has a book while on plane, but I’ve never seen him reading. When Maru gets sleepy he tends to hold his hands in front of his face, but I’ve never seen him staying long like that. Doesn’t that have a negative effect?

Yasuda Shota chooses 3 members who eat the best

  1. Ohkura Tadayoshi
  2. Yokoyama Yu
  3. Murakami Shingo

The amount Shin-chan eats is normal, but after saying “I’m full” the amount he can still eat is no joke, that’s why he’s 3rd. Yokocho always restrains himself while eating. But he really wants to eat a lot, therefore he’s 2nd. 1st is Ohkura. The reason might be that this guy eats Tendon as a side dish with curry. He’s the only one to eat a main dish with a main dish!

Yokoyama Yu chooses 3 most perverted members

  1. Maruyama Ryuhei
  2. Shibutani Subaru
  3. Nishikido Ryo

I think Maru is perverted to the roots. He even acknowledged it himself. Subaru is an obvious pervert. He declares to a lot of things as “I’m a pervert”, so he’s the open type. And 3rd is Ryo. He says “I’d want a person who’s as beautiful as a model”, right. He’s attracted by the looks alone, so maybe he’s a pervert… although all men are perverts.

Nishikido Ryo chooses 3 weirdest members

  1. Maruyama Ryuhei
  2. Shibutani Subaru
  3. the other 5 with a big difference

Maru is weird! Suddenly he sends a message saying “recently I have been told that I look like Sakai Masato-san*“and attaches his photo. And he really does have a subtle resemblance (laughs). The things Subaru-kun says or does are all very spontaneous, that’s why he’s weird. Compared to these two the rest of the members aren’t weird at all. I think they’re normal people.

 *Sakai Masato is the lead actor from “Joker” with Ryo.

Q: We’d like to know about Maru-chan’s play

      In the play “Gilbert Grape” Maruyama enthusiastically played his first lead role of Gilbert, a young man who isn’t able to escape from his family bonds and could never take a step out of his home town Endora. “This play was a creation which gave me the opportunity to experience lots of love from actors around. There were many veteran theatre actors and without even realizing they were giving me all kinds of advice. I thought everyone felt the same way - “we want to make this a wonderful piece.” And with such feelings we were able to become one.” He boasted. While coming in and from each others’ dressing rooms the distance between the actors started shrinking. “Even if I meddled with things, everyone tended to join in. That’s when I felt this is love! I became really close with everyone”. This is a perfect example of their perfect team work.
      Actors around Maruyama would get in a bath tub full of water getting wet; then change clothes and passersbies and children would become other characters, again and again coming up the stage as different people. “I didn’t realize how much the cast was hustling behind the scenes since I mostly stood on the stage from the beginning to the end. Thanks to their perfect performance, strong ability to adapt and cope with the situation I was able to relax and concentrate on acting.” he looked back. Maruyama, who was able to scale up as an actor thanks to this play, was just shining!

Maruyama selects best scenes

“We can feel Gilbert’s love for his brother Arnie in the scene where both of them sit on a bunk bed and talk, I simply like it. When Arnie said “Goodbye” the word was filled with pain and I could feel the brothers’ love.”

“The scene where the only classmate Lance was taking interviews from passersby as a reporter is comic so in the play it’s a place that stops one’s breath. I think that this scene gave the play more liveliness.

“I love the scene where the grocery store’s shop keeper Lamson gets surrounded by children! They would call Lamson-san differently every time; the scene was overflowing with adlibs. This way of doing it was so much fun; I had to put a lot of effort trying not to laugh”.

“During curtain call I felt happiness by being surrounded by the warm cast and the fact that we were able to accomplish the play. While looking at everyone’s faces one by one, in my heart I was saying “thank you very much”.

Q: What are Kanjani8 members made of?

Shibutani Subaru

100% - pleasure.

In my case it’s 100% pleasure. Not in a weird way though. Performing in concerts, being taken pictures of, or talking like this; I just feel that enjoying all this is most important. Be it bad or good, I’m a person who cannot lie. The fans would end up knowing if I was doing something while enduring myself. That’s why I think that firstly I have to start enjoying. Although I think that weird meaning is also involved (laughs).

Nishikido Ryo

50% - Work
50% - Playing around

The “playing around” means snowboarding, going to the seaside, eating with friends, watching movies, traveling… all the things I enjoy doing. While thinking about this I though that it would be great to play around 99% of the time, but because I do my job properly I can enjoy my free time a lot more. That’s why I think they’re around the same. Work is fulfilling, so is playing around. Wouldn’t it be good enough to live while balancing like that.

Maruyama Ryuhei

90% - good spirits
10% - insentience

During the audition to Johnny’s I was always smiling. The office worker’s opinion about me seems to have been formed by this image and was well-received. So to me the main quality as an entertainer is maintaining good spirits and it’s something I’d never want to lose no matter how old I get. The 90% has hope of staying like this packed up in the numers as well. The other 10% is insentience because at times I really don’t think about anything. At those times I still live true to myself. Not to mention that sleeping is really an insentient time.

Yasuda Shota

40% - Work
25% - Diving and other fun times
25% - Music
10% - Alcohol

Truly, I think it would be fine to make it all “fun time”. That’s because everything - work, hobbies, music and alcohol is fun~. The fun things get piled up with time and make the beginning of a new something. That is my power source. Sometimes I get asked in interviews “if you could go back in time to when would you like to return?”, but to tell the truth, I don’t want to go back. This moment is the most fun. Now is the best!

Ohkura Tadayoshi

60% - Food
30% - Friends
10% - Sleep

Food is really important. Times when I eat delicious meals are the happiest moments in my life. Thinking “What will I eat today~?” is one of a day’s things that I look forward to. I also like cooking at home. It’s also pretty fun to shop in a supermarket for ingredients thinking about what should I cook. Friends with whom I eat delicious food is an important existence as well. Since food becomes delicious after working with all my might, so it may be that work is 100%.

Murakami Shingo

33% - Football with friends
33% - Trips with friends
33% - Meals with friends
01% - Sleep

If based on work… it would be this. I like to do something with people. Playing football with friends, going on trips, eating yakiniku. Mostly the time I spend noisily is fun. That makes me feel rich and I get eased by it, sometimes it even gives me hints about work. Seriously I’m so grateful for receiving lots of things from my friends, I can’t even ecpress this gratitude. And for what’s left - today I lack sleep, so I wrote “sleep 1%” as my current wish.

Yokoyama Yu

70% - Work
20% - Food
10% - Games

Work is important, so maybe around 50%. Nah, make it 70% after all. The rest are games and food. At private time all I think about is food. I’d think “Where and with whom shall I go today”. I go to chicken restaurants a lot. When I go to eat I always decide a place and invite by myself. I don’t really get invited. And even if I was, that would trouble me. I hate trying to be nice while eating. I wouldn’t go with anyone but someone I can be calm with.

Q: What kind of thing makes you want to say “that’s a good question~”?

Nishikido Ryo

-         Do you know liquefaction?
-         I do! I have looked it up before.

Speaking really simply liquefaction is when the earth’s surface turns to a mess due to an earth quake. The sand, which is supposed to be solid, turns back to a liquid. It is said that if a huge earth quake were to happen in Tokyo the proclaimed land around Odaiba would provoke liquefaction. Earth quakes are scary. I think I should secure an escape if being in home a small quake would occur and run before a bigger one does. There was a time when there was an earthquake while I was giving an interview to a magazine. I freaked out “Why aren’t you running!? I will run!!” and I was the only one to run out of the building.

Murakami Shingo

-         What do you think about AC Milan’s front players?
-         No good~ I don’t understand what Berlusconi is thinking. 

I do feel sorry for talking about football every every time, but… I did think what is it with selling Kaka (in 2009 was transferred to Real Madrid from AC Milan) in that timing. Shevchenko too. I wonder why go through the trouble to buy a player you already sold to Chelsea once. Ronaldinho does posses great skills and is a good player but if you’re getting veteran players, it maybe be better to have more skilled young defense players that they’re not so good at. The royal family of AC Milan has the funds so why not take the time to raise young players? I don’t understand Berlusconi’s (Italia’s prime minister and AC Milan’s owner) way of thinking. In the past as well… (It’s long so we’ll shorten it)*.

* Not me, the editor of the magazine! D: I was enjoying this :/

Ohkura Tadayoshi

-         Do you have an unexpected hobby?
-         Actually I like vintage bikes.

I like bikes and I study about the vintage ones such as the Harley. Bike world is really deep; there are all kinds of differences depending of the year of production, engine or remodeling. Rare bikes with high value cost a lot. I never get tired of listening to my beloved engine’s sound. Even if I said what’s so good about that sound, it’s completely my own world. If one feels that they like it, it’s fine with that. Nagase (Tomoya)-kun is a lot more informed about bikes. When I bough my own he gave me advice. 

Yasuda Shota

-         Is there something that’s always in the refrigerator?
-         In Yasuda house there aways was ice cream for my dad!

In Yasuda house there always were ice cream in the refrigerator and I’d always eat one a day. Well it always was the fruit ice cream from a family pack. Quantity before quality! Or something like that. When we thought that we’d like some luxury~, we’d splurge money for high quality cup ice cream! Well the one whose tension raised the most weren’t the kids’ but my dad’s… Maybe thanks to that I eat ice cream a lot when living alone too. I always want to buy the tangerine flavor, strawberry milk flavor, condensed milk flavor ones... Aaah!! Yesterday, when I went to a convenience store with Ohkura, we bought ice cream together saying “let’s share ♥” but he didn’t eat it… The worst.

Maruyama Ryuhei

-         What is an unexpected side of yours?
-         Surprisingly I like myself.

Surprisingly I like myself. There was a time when my parents would cut out all the magazine articles with me, so I do re-read them sometimes. Then I’d look back thinking “at that time I was thinking about that” and read the old ones. Johnny’s web diary also holds around 100 entrances so I’d check what I had written a year ago. More than a narcissist, I fix some parts of myself and thanks to that I once again find a new me. That is something I like doing, I guess.

Shibutani Subaru

-         Do you do housework?
-         Surprisingly I do them like some old lady.

It’s not like I do them loyally, but I’m somehow able to do them like an old lady when the time comes. My mom really liked cleanness so I’ve frequently saw her doing housework. When I have to do something I revive my memories thinking “Mom did it like this”. The way of washing cups spinning them around is really just like my mom’s. Also, when the sponge gets dirty, cut those parts out and continue using. That also is the wisdom of a housewife inherited from mom. Well, isn’t this really just like an old lady?

Yokoyama Yu

-         What kind of sweets do you like?
-         Recently I’m hooked on Kurikinton*

I wear things well, trousers or socks, I continue wearing them until they’re completely worn out. When I get hooked on some food it continues for a long time as well. If I find a restaurant I like, I continue going there 2~3 days in a row. Such me recently got hooked on Kurikinton! Why is it so delicious? I’ve completely hooked up. You’d think that they’re only sold on New Years. But that’s not true. It’s sold all the time. I’ve bought it a department store just 3 days ago. But unexpectedly Kurikinton is expensive. It costs around 700 or 800 yen in a department store. But you can buy it for 300 or 400 yen at a supermarket.

 * Mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts.

Q: How do you spend time at your drama's filming scene?

       We followed Yokoyama, who acts as a character well informed about sub cultures, rookie detective, Teranishi Kei, and infiltrated to the “Violent Crimes Division”! “Izumiya-san always says something to make the actors and staff laugh” just as Yokoyama stated Izumiya Shigeru-san, who acts as detective Sugiura, between rehearsals kept being well received by doing “GUNDAM!” with the phone receiver on his head (laughs). Seeing that Yokoyama and other detectives burst out laughing! They were surrounded by lively atmosphere. But with one word “real filming!” it turned to a nervous atmosphere. The actors who were fooling up until just now changed in a second. As expected it was an OK from the first time. There Matsushita Nao-san enters. She’s the only actress at today’s scene. But she blended well into the manly atmosphere. “I thought that she’ll be sending ‘don’t get close to me’ aura, since she’s a prosperous actress, but it wasn’t like that and she was a very sociable person” Yokoyama told us his impression.
      After the investigation room the recording of the next scene with the two of Yokoyama and Matsushita-san started! Yokoyama finds trouble with lots of terminology. “After trying a detective drama the difficult part was the continuation of peculiar lines. In order to readily explain the investigation situation and such to the audiance, a lot of information is included in the lines, thus remembering and saying it out loud was a lot of trouble. Since in one line there’s a bunch of technical terms, there are times I don’t understand what I’m saying anymore” Yokoyama too, who investigates smartly in the drama, had a lot of trouble behind the scenes. Do your best, detective-kun!

Members choose “I want to see such a Kanjani8 drama”!

Shibutani Subaru
I want to see Murakami Shingo as a hot blooded teacher!
I want Murakami to do a teacher role. A new young elementary school teacher would be good! Since he has some passionate spots, I think he could act as a hot blooded teacher with all his might.

Nishikido Ryo
Nishikido Ryo wants to act as Al Pacino from “Godfather”!
Seeing the “Godfather” series or “Scar face” I thought once again that Al Pacino is cool. I want to act someday such roles like Al Pacino did!

Maruyama Ryuhei
I want to see Yokoyama Yu acting in “Lupin the 3rd” live action!
Yokocho, whom lovely colored suits would match, I want him to act in “Lupin the 3rd” live action! Since he likes pranks, he looks like he would get hooked on stealing treasure while ridiculing others.

Yasuda Shota
I want to see Ohkura Tadayoshi as Alex from “Clockwork orange”! (That would be sooooo cool. O:)
I want to see Ohkura acting all kinds of characters, but since I think that he’s a kid that can draw out a lot of acting ability, so he could act a weird character out. Also, comedy role would be good too.

Ohkura Tadayoshi
I want to see Shibutani Subaru as a criminal full of hidden evil!
Normally he would be an ordinary salary man, but actually is doing lots of evil things behind the scenes, such a Subaru-kun seems awesome! Expect acting that would give you the best shivers!

Murakami Shingo
I want to see Yasuda Shota as a malicious old lady!
Yasu with a refreshing and nice image. So I think that a completely opposite role would fit him quite well. Cross dressing is not a problem either. A role that Aoshima Yukio-san did, definitely to our Yasu! 

Yokoyama Yu
I want to see Maruyama Ryuhei as a crazy, funky hip-hopper!
I want to see a crazy Maru in a drama. Since he has a sense in choosing words, a crazy and funky hip-hopper definitely seems funny!

And that's it! Hope you liked it : )
Have a great EITO day ^0^
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I'm so glad you enjoyed it ^^
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i feel the same as you , i wish i was japanese in japan now celebrating :( . but i'm from Jordan so here i am at home just watching old things :( .
and i totally agree that i hope they make a dvd with all these days celebrations :D it would be great. i really wish they do :D .

HAPPY EITO DAY TO YOU :D <3 <3 <3 :* :* :*.

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Love you too : DD
MSshatso87 on August 8th, 2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
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Yes, let's do so!! I want them to be proud too XD

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I will ! Please have fun too : )
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Reallya great read so thank you for translating this dear!
Ice Tea: Shota feigning sexyotakuhaspie on August 19th, 2012 08:39 am (UTC)
:DDDD Yeah, that's pretty amazing XD Can't be helped when they drink until 5am xD

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Ice Tea: Babu red : )otakuhaspie on August 19th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
Eeeh, you're doubting Tacchon?? XDD Well, when you mention it, he seems slightly suspicious XD
Yep, vote Maru for pm!!! 8DDD
Happy very late eito day to you too xDDD
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Yeah, they're all so wonderful *0*
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First of all thanks for translation, I love to read your trans <333

Small event of Yasu impacted Eighter more than the Big one (Pudding mystery) XDD Yasuba \^o^/
Ice Teaotakuhaspie on August 19th, 2012 08:54 am (UTC)
Really? You do? Awww, that makes me soo happy! 8DD

Aaah, so truee XDDDD By the way, is that the little kiss on the cheek Yasu did in the 47 backstage DVD? Or was there another one? XD
u_nion: Yoko-hitoriu_nion on August 19th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
Sure!! Because I'm not good at Japanease and think that reading their interview makes I know them more <3

I think it was the same in DVD, but if there was another, so appreciated!! xDDD
Ice Tea: Shota feigning sexyotakuhaspie on August 21st, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
Then I'm very glad to be of help <333 ^^

Oh, did you watch the ExE MC digest? 8D They talked about kisses and all quite... no, not quite, A LOT XDDD
o_e has subbed it recently : DD
u_nion: Yoko-hitoriu_nion on August 21st, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
It's so strange that I'm quite understood what they were talking about in ExE without the sub ^^" I love it a lot :)) Yoko talked about his bros and many things plus the promise of him and Hina (which the mission has not been complete yet, blame him) XDD // Maru-Yoko at the convenient store // Ryo-Yoko love relation // Tada refuse Ryo // etc. lol

Thanks for your suggestion, dear.
Ice Teaotakuhaspie on August 28th, 2012 03:50 pm (UTC)
Strange? it's not strange, it's great!! 8DD
Oh yesss, I remember everything now XD They were so epic XDD That MC Digest is one of the best things ever <3
u_nion: Yoko-hitoriu_nion on August 28th, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
Yes! Though I like K8 performance part, the MC/ Making are always my favorite :)
Hope they'll release the 8sai DVD ^^
Ice Tea: Yokocho glassesotakuhaspie on August 29th, 2012 08:45 am (UTC)
Oh? Hmm... I guess I can't decide. The concerts are something just above anything else. I love their music and I love their lives... Guess it's another special branch for me XDD
I really do hope so too! :D
takotao: ryo sukiefg3579 on August 14th, 2012 06:50 pm (UTC)
thank you!!!!
suddenly i can relate to recent 8 matsuri event few things they mentioned
also last words by yoko to maru he wanted to see crazy maru in a drama --> BOTR :D
Ice Tea: Ryo yellow~otakuhaspie on August 19th, 2012 09:04 am (UTC)
Ahh, true true : )

Aaah, that's also true!!! 8D I'm still saving that drama and not watching yet XD Although I'm burning with desire to see it XDDD

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Ice Tea: Tatsu nyan~ xDotakuhaspie on August 19th, 2012 09:08 am (UTC)
Uuummm, thank you for reading ;D
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Peku_sukepeku_suke on August 27th, 2012 02:52 am (UTC)
LOL sorry i thought you are indonesian XD

i said: i didn't know that maru so hentai than suba and ryo! 8D
Ice Tea: Ryo yellow~otakuhaspie on August 28th, 2012 03:52 pm (UTC)
Aah, don't worry XD But unfortunately, not even close, I'm from a small country in Europe XDDD

Oh yes!! :D Maru's an open pervert XDD Well, all of them are 8DD;;;