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Ice Tea
19 February 2013 @ 12:58 am
Found this amongst old files.
Thought I'd share : )
Pretty song, pretty PV...

Kanji, romaji, translationCollapse )

That's how I see the song. The less the words, the harder it is to know the true meaning behind something. Only the writers know what they really wanted to express.. I hope my interpretation is at least a bit accurate xD
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Ice Tea
26 January 2013 @ 01:26 am

I see you're visiting my journal? Could the reason for that be... Murakami Shingo's birthday!? WOW. I mean, seriously, you guys came here to celebrate with me!? LE GASP, that's like the nicest thing ever. Gotta have to be thankful for that now, eh, Hina!? xD; Happy birthday, Shin-chan, I hope you're not overworking and wish you to conquer all channels, all time slots and overrule protect Takatsuki and Ibaraki together with the remaining Osaka! <3
Geezus, dude, you're 31!? Wow, so young! XDDD;;;

After you're done with my babbles, let's move onto the present now, shall we? Yes, let's do so ---!

July. Because Eito are bigger Eighters than any other Eighter.Collapse )

And because our birthday boy and I are so amazing as that, here's another goodie!

September. Because Hina's a natural tsukkomi machine.Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed this and had fun <3
And I will take this chance to mention just how much I love all Eighters ♥ I've met so many wonderful people! Everyday is a new encounter and I couldn't be more grateful for that.
Love you all! ∞er.
Love you all! ∞.
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Ice Tea
26 November 2012 @ 11:26 am
Today we gathered to celebrate the wonderful wondrous perv's - Maruyama Ryuhei's birthday! :D Happy b-day, Maru-chan!! ♥♥ You probably don't even imagine just how much your silly jokes help me out each and every day. Thank you so much! Please stay being yourself forever!! :D Please continue being the magical Ryuhei you are!!
Also, it's Leader's 32nd birthday! O: Can you believe it? XD I certainly can't :D

And here's the present! An old old old interview XD; I found it fun, so please enjoy reading members' letters : ) Ah, but sorry, I was too lazy to translate that consultation corner in the last page D:

Cute letters! <3Collapse )

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
This post was scheduled to be posted at this time, since I'm going to get home at 6pm, which is around midnight in Japan D: That way, I would've been late with the celebrations ><
Sorry for complaining, but I'm sooo tired these days. I have no weekends, school is killing me, I have to get ready for my exams as I'm in my last year of school, exams to enter an Uni here and the exams to enter an Uni in Japan which have caused me severe depression. There's just too much going on for me... Help ;_____;
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Ice Tea
03 November 2012 @ 11:04 am
Hayzzz, again xD
Apparently, there is such a thing as a loo-long entry.
And this issue happened to be it. I was so surprised to get that message saying: post too long xDDDDD
Anyways, here's the continuation of the PART 1: Ohkura, Ryo, Hina, Yasu & Subaru!

Super R!! XDCollapse )

Oh my god, this took a while D:
Sorry for my crappy English in this interview xD It's not usually like that 8D;
Also, I've started translating 8Sai digests! :D Done with Makuhari Messe, moving on to Intex Osaka ones. Or I will... Someday... Tired x_x
One day they might get released XD Please look forward to it!
I watched 8Sai Live & Documentary today... The things Subaru said at the very end of the live... Priceless. I believe that that proved his feelings and determination to live and enjoy life as Kanjani8, as he was saying in Wink Up's September issue. That proved just how strong of a person he is. I respect him more than anyone I know. We'll be your idols forever. Thank you...
Nishiki's comment was cute too! XD A lot of new Johnny's groups continue to appear and you might find a few cool people in every of those groups. But please promise that you'll continue supporting us for at least another 8 years. It's a promise!
It sure is a promise
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